More questions than answers

This post is #4 in a series of posts about my UX research about UX Maturity. For all other posts, see my UX Strategy page.

I’m now past the halfway point in my six-month mentorship program. Looking back, I’ve done pretty well on the goals I published back in January.

1. In order to learn more about UX maturity and UX research techniques, I will interview at least 5 people from different companies about UX maturity by April 1st, 2018.
2. At that point, I will decide on a specific direction for future research.
3. Throughout the process, I will blog at least twice a month about my process and progress.

Pretty well but not great.

  1. I’ve interviewed not 5, but 6 different people about UX maturity (good) but they have all been from my company (not so good)
  2. I’ve decided on a direction for future research (good- I’ll get to that later)
  3. I have fallen behind on blogging twice a month (not so good)

So why no bloggin’?

I’m still writing at least 10 minutes each week as part of my Thursday Tens habit, so there’s no shortage of draft posts. Yet I’ve been reluctant to publish anything because I haven’t had any obvious insights from my research.

Isn’t research supposed to lead to a bunch of lightbulbs going off in my head?

Not only have I had no aha moments, but I was starting to doubt the whole idea of getting companies to increase UX maturity. Can UX maturity be sped up? If so, should it be sped up?

In my meeting last week with my mentor Meghan, I mentioned this frustration to her. How she responded surprised me:

“Good new questions are just as good of a research output as plain old answers… designers need to be comfortable moving forward despite a total lack of clarity and information”

So this whole process wasn’t fruitless after all! Sure, I have no answers yet, but I now have several questions that have been informed by research. I also have a little bit of practice being in this uncomfortable situation of trusting the process in spite of its haziness.

Oh, and I now have a blog post. The source of my writers block is now a source of strength, thanks to Meaghan’s encouragement!

Next steps

Now that I have a good feel for how UX evolved at my company, I’m going to move on to other companies.

I’m also going to do some serious secondary research, combing the internet for similar research that has already been done. Luckily I already have a good start on that thanks to my initial interest in UX Maturity models back in 2016!

Oh, and I’m going to get back in the habit of bloggin’. Twice a month, of course!

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