My top 5 pearls of wisdom from Elon Musk’s biography

I just finished Elon Musk's biography and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'd highly recommend it- it's both entertaining and informative. Here's some of what I got out of it. 1) Doing everything fast One of the funniest quotes in the book came from Kevin Brogan, who's now named Brogan BamBrogan (seriously.) Everything he does is fast.… Continue reading My top 5 pearls of wisdom from Elon Musk’s biography

Seeking ‘click moments’ in a random world

I recently read an article about the Flâneur Approach to UX. Essentially, it said that great designers find time to wander while observing their surroundings. That article really resonated with me, because I love exploring. For example, over the last six months, I've never taken the same route twice on my London cycling commute. The… Continue reading Seeking ‘click moments’ in a random world