The three ITs of UX growth

This post is #5 in a series of posts about my UX research about UX Maturity. For all other posts, see my UX Strategy page. My journey I used to be a developer. I read as much as I could about UX, then really tried to put those readings to use. There were a lot… Continue reading The three ITs of UX growth

Reflection- How to give great tech talks-

Last night, I gave my "talk on talks" for the second time. You can view the recording on periscope below. Recording Periscope was really cool- I'd never used it before- but the recording quality wasn't great. It seemed to skip around a few times. In the future I'll probably just set up my iPhone… Continue reading Reflection- How to give great tech talks-

How to give great tech talks

Update: I also gave an updated version of this talk at a event on 28-06-2017. Yesterday, I took the next big step in my public speaking career by doing a full half-hour talk at a meetup put on by London Software Craftsmanship Community (LSCC). I'd done a Lightning Talk on Usability Testing at this… Continue reading How to give great tech talks