AngelHack London 2016- Explor-ing the possibilities

This article also appears on the AngelHack blog in the Global Hackathon Guest Post Series!   Last weekend, I went to AngelHack London. This was my third hackathon. Unlike my previous hackathons, I decided to go in with an idea this time. The Prep I moved to a new flat in March and I resolved… Continue reading AngelHack London 2016- Explor-ing the possibilities

Simple hack- allowing unsubscribe from internal mailing lists

Shane Gryzko, Head of Vampire Operations At my previous company I volunteered to coordinate group blood donations. I prided myself on always improving the donation count year-over-year. However, this required sending lots of emails to recruit and recognize donors and I quickly started to worry about annoying people. So I investigated ways of allowing unsubscribe.… Continue reading Simple hack- allowing unsubscribe from internal mailing lists

My experience at the Realex FinAppsParty Hackathon

Last weekend I participated in the Realex FinAppsParty Hackathon. This was my second ever hackathon and I have to say- I'm hooked. It's so inspiring to see what some people can accomplish in a day or two. It's also very liberating to be set loose on a challenge with a blank canvas to work with.… Continue reading My experience at the Realex FinAppsParty Hackathon

5 tips for hackathon newbies

This past weekend, I entered my first hackathon, called FinTechathon: Hack the Financial Industry. After a whirlwind of activity, with many ups and downs, my team, "Credit Passport", ended up winning the award for Best Use of Salesforce Technology! I wish I could take credit but as I explain below, the win was all thanks… Continue reading 5 tips for hackathon newbies