My own service design mentor

One piece of career advice I keep hearing (for instance in Whitney Hess's interview on the UX Intern Podcast) is to get a mentor. Why Get a Mentor? The value of that is obvious: A smart, experienced person who you meet with regularly and learn the craft from? Sign me up! Oh wait. The Hard… Continue reading My own service design mentor

Organizing documentation with card sorting

We use Confluence at work for internal documentation. It's kind of like Wikipedia, but only us developers can see and edit it, and the articles are things like How to set up Server x, or How to Test y. I love it because we previously used long email chains with the answer buried deep within,… Continue reading Organizing documentation with card sorting

Application video- Entrepreneur First program

Screenshot from the entrepreneur first application video I made

The Program Entrepreneur First is a program that operates under the theory that if you take a bunch of talented individuals, offer them mentoring and guidance and a small stipend to live off of, they will end up creating brilliant businesses. It appears that their theory is working quite well. "To date, our founders have… Continue reading Application video- Entrepreneur First program