Gone learnin’

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash I'm taking a quick break from blogging. I know I said I'd post monthly, but I have a good excuse to skip a couple months: learning. I'm taking an online course called UX Data Analysis from HEC Montr√©al on edX. It runs about 6 weeks and requires 6-9 hours… Continue reading Gone learnin’

How to learn a language – the slow way

How to learn a language - the slow way

"Puis-j'aller au toilette?" I asked the exam facilitator, using the phrase that I've often joked is the only thing I remembered from high school French class. Translation: "I need to pee." "No, I'm sorry. You can't leave until you've handed in your exam," she answered in French. I was two hours in to the "√©preuves… Continue reading How to learn a language – the slow way

Duolingo is great, but…

I LOVE Duolingo. I can't recommend it enough for people who want to start learning a new language. Ever since I first tweeted about it back in 2015, I've been using it pretty much daily. First for a little bit of Spanish, and now for French and even a little bit of Vietnamese! https://twitter.com/sgryzko/status/566246417048829953 https://twitter.com/sgryzko/status/733747654992232449… Continue reading Duolingo is great, but…