Best. Commute. Ever.

Do you ever get to work and think to yourself “Damn. Here already? That 45-minute commute is way too short!”

No? Just me?

I love my commute. Rather, I loved my commute. My time here in London is coming to a close but I think I made the most of it. I’m proud to say I cycled to work almost every day and no two routes were ever the same. Every day I chose at least a few new roads or paths to explore.

updated strava heatmap
All my London rides. There aren’t many roads along the way that I missed.

I got to see so much of London. Well, northwest London at least.

You know how they say diverge before converge? I definitely did that.

And because of that, Today was my best commute ever. I knew almost every road between my home and work, so I was able to choose the absolute perfect route.

I got to roll past Abbey Road Studios. I got to see Buckingham Palace (with no crowds by the way). “Oh, hello there, Big Ben! Good morning, London Eye!” The Shard, Tower Bridge, and of course The Gherkin. I’m so lucky to have enjoyed a year and a half of this.

Buckingham Palace all to myself!

I’m so lucky the cycle infrastructure is in place that I can do it safely.

Cycle lane at the foot of Big Ben
Cycle lane at the foot of Big Ben

I’m so lucky I’ve been able to live in such an amazing city. And that I’ve got to work in such an iconic building (oh, and that I got to park my ride underground!)

One last #GherkinSelfie

London, I’ll miss you! Because of (not in spite of) your notorious commutes!

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