Interviewing a UX role model

I’ve really enjoyed blogging over the last year or two but I wanted to shake up the format of my posts, so I decided to try to do an interview.

The target

Jason Grant. His experience includes:

  • Founding UX Coach
  • Starting the Design Thinking for Business Facebook group, where 500+ members share and discuss everything Design and UX.
  • Doing UX-related work with American Express, Ebay, Disney, and many more.

The ask

I eventually worked up my courage and messaged Jason, hoping to hear back within a couple days then schedule something within a couple weeks.

Less than an hour later, I get this reply.

Sure. I’m all up for it.

I was ecstatic. Just one thing…

The catch

Jason suggested live streaming it to YouTube!

I’m a bit camera shy and I’d never done live video before, so I decided to do it… That same day.

The chat

I’m glad I did. Jason happily answered all the questions I asked him and he gave a lot of great advice. Check out the full video here.

The notes

Here are my highlights.

2:45- Correlation between design thinking and success among large companies.

5:30- Difference between UX and Design Thinking

The five stages of Design Thinking

  1. Empathize
  2. Define
  3. Ideate
  4. Prototype
  5. Test

18:45- If he had to pick a favorite stage, it would be Empathize.

Building things and designing things without human insight is pointless. And I don’t want to do pointless things.

20:05- techniques for gaining empathy, including conversations and interviews, ethnographic research. Can depend on how busy users are.

25:00- Transforming the UX culture of large organizations

Design thinking workshop with executives. Talk about their problems and opportunities then facilitate ways to address these. Show them how powerful it can be!

29:15- Jason’s career history.

35:55- Advice to his former self. Some really good stuff in there.

I know much more than I give myself credit for… I need to step up to the plate much more… The majority of my life I spent assuming that other people know more than me and [they have] more valuable experiences.

39:25- How he got into speaking
– never say no to an opportunity

Even if you do a terrible speech… you will learn.

45:45- General career advice
-Design yourself as much as you design the things you’re creating
-Keep a log of what you’ve done. Take pictures, document it, blog about it.

Want more?

If you’re interested in learning more about UX and Design Thinking, check out the Design Thinking for Business Facebook group!

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